PROAIR Outdoor cinema

Outdoor cinema is a unique experience that transforms public space, and invites you to have a meeting with the night. The owners of PROAIR, experts in outdoor projections, were in need of updating their old image, a new image that still reflects their main characteristics with which their clients recognize them: they are pioneers in the outdoor cinema exhibition in Mexico And Latin America, part of the AIRSCREEN® family, who have the best equipment and the best service, quality film festival, and 10 years experience.

The result was part of a process of feedback from them as they sought not to lose their essence and to continue being recognized by their customers, so they decided to leave the symbol of Aztec speech that was in the original logo as a symbol of constant communication, and the rectangular silhouette of their inflatable screens that characterize them.

Here the result:


Author: Rocío VELÁZQUEZ



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